What is Cohousing?

Sharing Turns Proximity into Community

Cohousing is a residential community of adjoining private homes or apartments that share an active common space. The common space is intentionally designed to foster social interaction among neighbors and create a safe and friendly environment for kids and seniors alike.

It usually includes a large kitchen and dining area, children play area, exercise space, lounge areas, guest room and garden. Residents and guests regularly use these spaces, gathering for meals, parties, games, movies, or other events. Cohousing makes it easy to organize child or elder care, make conversation, share burdens, and offer help. 

Want to Feed your Mind with More Cohousing Knowledge? 

We’ve included some great videos to help you gain a better understanding of co-housing and how beneficial it can be for you and your family. Each household owns their own unit, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities and shared spaces. 

Introductory Videos

In Depth Videos

Cohousing in Urban Settings

Capitol Hill, Seattle

Tacoma Village, Washington

Jackson Place, Seattle

Cambridge House

Jamaica Plain Cohousing

Quayside Village, Vancouver

Vancouver Cohousing

Aria Entry Tower

Harmony Common House

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